8-Bit Salute is a campaign run under the OSD, or Operation Supply Drop, umbrella. This campaign enables gamers to have fun doing what they love to do, all the while raising funds, earning rewards, and supporting troops, veterans, and their families. And all it takes is a pledge to play games, any game, on any platform, at any time, on any day.

“In response to a growing need from our deployed troops requesting generationally relevant gear from back home, Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010 with a focus on delivering “Video Game Care Packages Downrange.” As we grew and service members returned home to face various transitional challenges, our objective evolved to identify and address the underlying needs of these veterans and their families”

“ With over $1,250,000 raised since 2011, 8-Bit Salute unites thousands of gamers around the world via a year-long gaming fundraiser in support of active-duty, Veterans and their families. 

Over 90% of every dollar donated goes directly towards program support impacting active-military, veterans, and their family members.

All 8-Bit Salute proceeds benefit OSD, a global, chapter based, Veteran Service Organization (EIN 27-3842517) providing relevant, relatable and sustainable impact to the military community through social connectivity, professional development, and servant leadership.”

As part of the 8-Bit Salute campaign, I will be live streaming PS4 game play 1-2 days a week for 2+ hour sessions. All proceeds gained during this time will be going towards the 8-Bit Salute campaign. Through the generous donations of friends, family, and those random souls who wonder into my streams, I believe we can make a significant impact towards any cause that we take on. So please, help me to meet, surpass, and completely obliterate my goals for this wonderful campaign.

Give to the campaign by following this link or by going to give.weareosd.org/OdinsSage.

Follow my streams on twitch.

Upcoming game play schedule is posted on my twitch account's main page. 

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