Hiya, I am Sage.

I enjoy writing on nerd/geek fandoms and intentional living topics, all while consuming an overabundance of tea.

I have always needed a creative outlet. Drawing, writing, sewing, creating something new with my own hands has been a constant theme in my life, even if the medium changes from time to time. Over the years, I have pursued multiple outlets on a professional or semi-professional level, but found these opportunities to be lacking something critical, which has often left my professional work feeling empty and stale.

See, I have been a huge nerd since childhood. This is something I have never “grown out of”, but have embraced as a foundational part of who I am. Alongside those nerdy interests, I have developed a desire to embrace intentional living through minimalism, conscious consumer habits, living low waste, and trying to making positive impacts on the planet by giving to or taking part in charity organizations I believe in.

The combination of my nerdy self with my passion for intentional living are two key aspects to who I am. As I approach my thirties, I desire a to find a blend of these topics, where I can embrace the things that make me, well, me, and use them to pursue something real, and impactful. But no career or professional pursuit I am qualified for seems to fit that bill.

That is what I found this blog morphing into. As I looked for an outlet where I could create something that indulged these passions that seem so different, and sometimes contradictory, it was unfolding naturally before my fingertips.

It’ll be a grand adventure. Won’t you fall down this rabbit hole with me?



You can reach me via email: