2019, a Year in the Making

01 January 2019


A few weeks before my 29th birthday, I was thinking back on where my life was one decade ago. Entering my twenties, I had ideas and loose goals, but I had misguided ambitions and little-to-no direction. At best, my “life plan” was vague and could change with the seasons. Now I am on the threshold of my thirties, feeling that despite everything I learned through my twenties, I have little to show for it. Somehow there always seemed to be some convenient excuse to continue putting off the supposed “priorities” in my life. But I like to believe that I have grown since entering my twenties. I feel as though I have a firmer understanding of who I am, and that my goals have become more defined. And I have come to appreciate the importance of a well-defined plan.

For all the shortcomings of my earlier twenties, I decided that I wanted to enter my thirties on a high note. It was this thought that lead to the list for 2019. A list of goals that I would like to accomplish, habits that I would like to make or change, and challenges that I would like to present to myself. It is a list that may be added to throughout the year, or shifted depending on how life changes, but as of this moment, my list consists of the following:

Health & Lifestyle

·        Develop and maintain a morning and evening routine, wake up and go to bed around the same times every day

·        Walk daily, and commit to being more fit and active, such as morning pilates or joining a gym

·        Eat raw more frequently, and be more diligent about meal planning and batch prep

·        Read a little every day (with a goal of 1+ books a month)

·        No unnecessary spending, outside of some specific circumstances and a few approved items

·        Increase the effectiveness of my low impact life style, changing habits and recycling more efficiently

·        Give compliments and vocalize gratitude more frequently

·        Use the internet and digital devices more intentionally and less habitually

·        Be more active in giving and volunteering with charities, particularly local humane societies and animal shelters

Work & Hobbies

·        Write daily, and post a blog consistently

·        Pick a language, and practice it consistently, becoming more comfortable with speaking in the new language, despite not being perfect at it

·        Become better at taking and editing photos

·        Maintain an active RPG campaign throughout the year

·        Find ways to increase “passive income” and “side hustles”

·        Learn more about investing

Travel & Adventure

·        Leave the country twice (I have plans for the UK, but I’m hoping to possibly make it up to Canada before 2020)

·        Bike more often, become comfortable enough biking and using public transportation that I can mostly function without a car

I have chosen not to look at my list like a resolution. Resolutions have low success rates and lack the why-power that is so necessary to get anything done. Instead, this list is a challenge to myself, to finish the decade of my twenties with the joy and satisfaction of knowing that I can follow through on the goals that I set for myself. And for that added motivation, I will document the good, the bad, the difficulties, and the easy bits, for anyone to see. Because nothing says motivation like the possibility of thousands of strangers watching your process, am I right.

If you’re curious to read more on how I plan to achieve every one of these goals throughout the year, and the progress along the way, check back here every Tuesday of 2019. Meanwhile, are any of you tackling big goals throughout 2019? What system do you use to achieve these goals? Are you like me, working to make this year the year of success and follow-through, trying to break the cycle of previous shortcomings? Or have you always found yourself managing to accomplish your goals? Share your stories, your inspirations, and the lessons that you have learned working on your own goals down in the comments. I would love to read how everyone else is planning to dominate 2019. You can reply to this message.

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