Monthly Challenge: February 2019

29 January 2019


When I was a kid, probably eight or nine, I proclaimed to the world that I wanted to be an author. Okay, I probably only told my parents and teacher, but it sure felt like I was proclaiming it to the world at the time. Of course my career goals have shifted a dozen or more times since then, and I developed other interests, but being an author is the first thing I can remember wanting to be when I grew up. Even when my interests or career goals changed, I still wrote often, mostly in the form of fanfictions, short stories, and poems. I had notebooks and binders full of writings spanning back to when I was only just learning how to write. In school, I excelled at creative writing assignments. I don’t think I ever had a single creative writing assignment that I didn’t enjoy.

But when I started college, and started working, I lost so much of that free time that once sparked so many stories, and that freedom I once had to write them down. I lost the practice of writing, and I got rusty at it. Too rusty. Like, embarrassingly rusty.

So my challenge for February is to write for at least thirty minutes every day. Even if all I’m writing is some random thoughts, the point is to get reacquainted with the practice of putting thought into written word. I know it seems silly to have this be my February challenge when I started the blog in January, but creating the morning and evening routine seemed like an important first step to success. With such a routine under my belt, I have a lot more control over my day, particularly when it starts and stops. And writing for thirty minutes seems like a wonderful add on to my morning routine.

It may be important to note, I don’t regret my decision to not pursue a more literary path. I enjoyed the experiences I had getting the degree that I did, and I learned a lot through it. My regret is that I lost time for some of my dearest hobbies. Hobbies that had once been an important part of my identity, which I would still like to be a part of my identity. That is largely the point to many of my goals this year. To create a foundation for the new, but also to dust off and rediscover the old. Sometimes we don’t need to completely reinvent ourselves, we just need to dig up what was already there.

Do you still remember what your first dream career was? Did you stick to that path, or like most things in life, did you change direction and follow a completely different path? If you chose a different path, is there still a part of you that practices or holds onto that dream from so long ago? Or do you only revisit such hobbies in memories? Maybe 2019 is also your year to get reacquainted with those long missed hobbies. No more excuses, just plan and action. I would love to hear about your childhood career dreams, and how you’re working to pursue old, missed hobbies. Maybe we can exchange ideas. Please, tell me about it in the comments below. You can reply to this message.