Anonymous For The Voiceless

28 May 2019


I recently played spectator to my local branch of Anonymous for the Voiceless.

Anonymous for the Voiceless is a global community of like-minded animal rights activists. The organization puts on peaceful demonstrations, using hidden camera footage, signs, and the power of honesty, aiming to empower the public with the knowledge to transition to veganism. It is an organization against the exploitation of animals — for the animals, for the planet, and for humanity.

I was first made aware of this organization by Earthling Ed’s YouTube videos, and was moved by the passion and direct honesty from the activist. In particular, I appreciated how Ed was so well versed in the science and statistics necessary to support the vegan philosophy. It was like seeing every carnistic argument I grew up having to listen to beat down with facts, then shoved into a corner, told to think about what they had done. As someone who grew up in social groups who made my moral choices towards animals feel out of place and “extreme”, seeing these like-minded people taking a stand to vocalize their beliefs was incredibly inspiring. And humbling.

After watching videos of these animal activists for several months, I took a deeper look into the organization. And I was genuinely surprised to find that my town had its own local faction (and here I thought that I would have to start my own branch). Unfortunately, this group only functioned by Facebook, and I don’t have a Facebook account, so I stepped back from the dream of joining their ranks. But that didn’t last long. About a week later I had my friend join the Facebook group for me. It wasn’t long after he was approved into the group when they posted their most recent upcoming demonstration. Memorial day weekend at the most popular local park. I had to get in on this.

blog post 022-1.jpg

Anonymous for the Voiceless does demonstrations using a tactic coined “Cube of Truth”. In the Cube of Truth, participants stand in a cube formation, backs towards the center, providing a 360 degree view of people standing together in solidarity to spectators and bystanders. The participants in the cube wear Guy Fawkes masks, do not speak, and hold signs or screens displaying hidden camera footage of slaughter houses, dairy industry practices, hatchery practices, animal testing, etc. Outside of the cube are members, the outreach team, who approach spectators and the curious, engaging them in conversation and an opportunity to think critically about the truth in front of their eyes. The goal ultimately being to educate the public about the cruelty and exploitation of animals, about the truth behind these animal industries.

Seeing even my small, local branch of Anonymous for the Voiceless perform the Cube of Truth in a public and busy setting was awe inspiring. I listened to the outreach team speak to the public for two hours, and couldn’t help but laugh a little when I heard all the typical cliches that animal eaters throw at the vegan philosophy and practice. But I smiled just as much listening to the outreach team speak compassionately, eloquently, and patiently to the onlookers. It was a pure reminder that the message these activists are trying to deliver is not one of violent protest or “I’m right and you’re wrong”, but one of empathy, hope, love, and appreciation.

Have you ever come across one of these demonstrations? What about any other form of peaceful activism you found particularly inspiring or beautiful? This was my first time seeing this the Cube of Truth in person, and I am very excited to attend again.