Boku No Hero Inspired Me to Get Fit

16 April 2019


Caution: possible spoilage ahead.

I am not a fit person. Nor am I an unfit person. I am what could be comfortably called “average” regarding my strength and stamina, and I maintain my size through an obsession with nutrition. Basically, I eat like a champ, but I sure don’t move like one. And mostly, this hasn’t bothered me. I have been comfortable with my not-fat-not-skinny body through my young adult years, satisfied with knowing I am healthy, despite being physically weak. Then My Hero Academia fell into my life, and the more I loved the series, the more I found myself not being satisfied with my current physical state of being. This unsatisfied nature came not from a source of body shame or guilt but from being inspired by so many admirable characters.

The main character of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku, has lived his life with the odds stacked against him. Born powerless in a world where eighty percent of the population has powers, all he wants out of life is to be a super hero. In his last year of middle school, a chance encounter grants him the unique possibility to make that happen. In the third episode, he is put through a rigorous training montage to make him strong enough to wield a specific power. The transformation takes place over ten months, where Midoriya must change himself from a standard teenage boy into a buffed out hero in training. The training is strict and constant, but Midoriya rises to the challenge, and at the end of the ten months, surpasses it, because he has a dream of becoming the world’s greatest hero. It is this demonstration of perseverance and determination that set the pace for Midoriya, and many other characters, throughout the course of the series.

Bakugou Katsuki is a child prodigy. Gifted with a strong power to begin with, Bakugou manifests his power at a young age and quickly learns to wield it with adept precision. Bakugou has spent his whole life honing his ability, mastering it, and developing an awareness of its potential. He also shows an apt mind for strategy and physical strength for hand to hand combat, such as during the second season school festival, and with his various villain encounters. He consistently scores high, if not the top, then within the top few, for everything he takes part in. Bakugou consistently pushes himself beyond his limits, all while battling with his own inner demons.

The symbol of peace, number one hero, All Might, is the driving inspiration to both Bakugou and Midoriya. Born to a similar fate as Midoriya, All Might had to earn the right to his power, and thus, his place as a hero. From the point of his debut, as depicted in episode one, All Might has represented hope, through his continuous smile, even in the face of great danger. But as he admits to Midoriya upon their first meeting, there is a lot of fear behind that smile. None-the-less, All Might continues to push past the fear, and combat his weaknesses, to be the strength that those weaker than him need.

I could go on about so many other characters, My Hero Academia has such a wonderful variety to choose from, but I think it would be fair to say Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, and All Might make the greatest impacts. Beyond just appreciating them as characters, and enjoying their abilities, these three characters provide extreme and varying examples of strength, perseverance, and the determination to overcome their own weaknesses. Each character has their own mountain to climb, both physically and mentally. As a fan, seeing each of these characters take on these mountains, slip or fall along the way, but get back up and continue pushing on, is inspiring. Enough to create a personal sense of drive and determination where there once wasn’t any.

It is in seeing these characters want to better their lives, and push towards their dreams, that finally got me thinking more seriously about my state of being. I am no stranger to pursuing growth of the mind and heart, but growth of the body has never exactly been my top priority, and I had little knowledge of where to even begin. I am no prodigy, and I do not have an All Might of my own to chart the way for me. But I have developed the desire to correct such an imbalance in my life, and this led to my conclusion that a personal trainer may be the best course of action. Someone to guide me, someone to mentor me; not quite All Might, but the next best thing. Someone to help me go beyond, to become PLUS ULTRA!


Who or what inspires you? Have you ever been so inspired by a series, or character, that you have literally shifted your life around for it? Tell me your inspiring story in the comments below.


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