It's Coming - Plastic Free July

18 June 2019


We’re over halfway through June and July is peering just around the corner. So I figured now was a good time to talk about Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July is a challenge that began with a handful of participants in Western Australia back in 2011 where the participants cut-out plastic through the month of July. In the 8 years since its onset the challenge has grown to include millions of participants across over 170 countries worldwide.

Participation is simple. Go to the Plastic Free July website and sign up for the challenge. Participate for a day, a week, the whole month, or forever. Participants can also make their challenge as minimal or all-encompassing as they would like. Forgo just the leading plastic pollutants like straws and plastic bags, or cut out all plastics from sandwich bags to trash liners to plastic peanut butter jars. Yes, participation can really be as simple or as complex as you would like.

(Or don’t sign up at the website at all, but forgo plastic on your own, anyway! Though if you sign up, the organization will deliver helpful tips, guides, and advice throughout the month of July to help make your specific challenge as successful as possible.)

Bottom line, the point is not to be perfect, but to dedicate a little (or a lot) of effort through the month of July towards cutting away the plastic waste being contributed to our landfills and oceans.

I signed up to go plastic free for forever, and plan to do my best to cut out all plastics to the best of my ability. But I am giving myself situational wiggle room. Medication, for instance, is often very difficult or sometimes impossible to find in non-plastic containers. This is a sacrifice that may sometimes be necessary for the sake of health. Again, its not about being perfect, and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

For the next few weeks I will write about plastic free, low impact, and zero waste living. I will share my journey with the challenge, and giving advice based on my own experiences. Meanwhile, please read through these very helpful blogs on living zero waste and plastic free to help get you started on your Plastic Free July journey.

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Do you think that you will take on the Plastic Free July challenge? I encourage everyone give it a shot, if even just a little. It may seem like an individual’s efforts can not move a mountain. But millions of individuals making those individual efforts certainly can.