I Solemnly Swear That I Am up to so Much Good

23 April 2019


I don’t enjoy running. I don’t like when I find a charity I want to support, but that charity is a marathon, requiring everyone to get up at weird hours, go to weird places, and associate with people I may not want to be forced to spend several miles with. Sometimes I want a charity run that supports wonderful charities, lets me do things at my time, and doesn’t actually require me to run. Would it help if that charity foundation happened to be themed off of wonderful fandoms like Harry Potter and Doctor Who, allowing participants to get fit and do good for the world, all while representing their fandoms—yes, of course that would help, but such a thing couldn’t possibly exist.

Or does it?

On the first day of Emerald City Comic Con this year, I stumbled upon the booth for Random Tuesday Inc., advertising their Fanthropy Running Clubs, which are a set of virtual running clubs, with each club representing a different fandom, and supporting different charities.

What is a virtual running club? Basically, instead of requiring all the participants to meet at a given location and time to do a set amount of distance, a virtual running club enables the participants of the charity to run, walk, skip, dance, or shimmy their chosen distance at the time, location, and way of their choosing. Participants can be as traditional or non-traditional as they would like to be. They can go for a serene nature hike, or an at home jaunt on the treadmill. They can do the distance all at once, or in parts over the length of the event. The point is to get in the distance required for the specific event, and it is entirely based on the honour system.

Now this may all sound too good to be true, but Random Tuesday Inc. was established in 2014, and became a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2015. The organization has been inspiring fans since its inception, and has raised over 2.43 million dollars for 50+ charities, along with many of their more direct impact programs, which have delivered several million humanitarian aid items to those in need. And their mission is to “create global communities, harnessing the power of fandom to inspire individuals to better themselves and the world around them.” Random Tuesday Inc. is a bunch of nerds, who want to inspire other nerds, to be the best version of themselves, while also working to create a better world for others.

Genuinely, this is everything my little nerdy heart could have hoped for in a charity organization.

When I got back to my hotel room that Thursday evening, I immediately registered for the Potterhead Running Club, where I should mention that participants can register their Hogwarts house, and use that information to take part in house challenges on the community Facebook page. Now I can proudly boast that the tedious to-and-from convention center walks, and Pokemon Community Day participation a week later, all contributed to a good cause. But beyond those sweet bragging rights, talking with the representatives, and other fans at the booth, I became both impressed and inspired by the work that the Fanthropy Running Clubs are doing. I owe a lot of who I am today to the fandoms I became interested in growing up, and that has turned into a passion I take great joy in radiating through the things I do in my day-to-day life. This organization is taking that same passion from the fans, and channeling it into an impactful, postiive change in the world. That is an idea I can get behind, whole heartedly, one hundred percent. And I absolutely believe that more nerds should take these opportunities, turning their passions into positive changes. As a passionate fan, nothing could be more fulfilling than that.

Find out more about the organization, or one of the specific running clubs, by clicking the applicable link.
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Have/would you run (or walk, or shimmy) for charity?